From is a project which aims to promote access to quality, biblical information. This project offers the following benefits:

  • Public Access—Anyone with Internet access can use
  • Free to Use—Anyone is free to copy, print, and share content from*
  • Copyright-Free Re-Use—Anyone can copy, quote, modify, publish, reverse engineer, and rework almost all of the content from, for any purpose.*
  • More Dependable Information—Editing is limited to a select group of account holders, lessening the concern that some rogue visitors may intentionally post (and continue posting) misleading information.

The Benefits of

Great for Internet Users is easily accessed over the Internet, and is free to use in virtually any way.* In fact, BiblicalWiki pages can be linked to, quoted, printed, and copied freely.

Great for Content Creators

BiblicalWiki content is public domain, meaning it can be freely copied, published, re-used, and re-worked.* This is intentional, to equip authors, movie makers, teachers, and other content creators to create better content, easier.

Dependable Information

Accounts on must be requested from wiki Administrators, are limited to users who specifically intend to create or edit content, and restricted to Christians only. By limiting the number of people who can make changes to the BiblicalWiki pages, more control is assured, and the more control, the easier it is to verify that things are being done as they should. This ultimately leads to more accurate information.

Limitations of Use

Even though the purpose of BiblicalWiki is to promote access to biblical information, and even though BiblicalWiki content is public domain, there are still limits on what you should do with the content found here.

Copyrighted Content

Some information on may be copyrighted by third parties, and only included in under a general public license, or by permission from the authors or publishers. Depending on the license, you may be limited to only printing and saving copies of copyrighted content for personal use, and only as part of the page in which they can be found. In any case, if you simply omit this content from your own copy, you are free to do what you will with the rest.

When copyrighted content appears on a page, the copyrighted content will be noted at the top of the page, along with a description of the methods used for distinguishing that copyrighted content from the rest of the content on the page. The work-of-origin for copyrighted content will also be noted at the end of the page, and a link (or, in the absense of an external copy, an electronic copy here on BiblicalWiki) will be provided for you to read the license or the permission granted by the copyright holder.


The primary concern with re-working BiblicalWiki content is how other people will view such an act. Even though BiblicalWiki content is meant to be re-worked, in some circles and in some circumstances this would still be considered plagiarism. As a general rule, if great emphasis is placed on you being the one who creates the entirety of a work, avoid depending too much on BiblicalWiki content. For example:

  • Do not simply copy and re-arrange or re-word a page from for a school assignment; your teacher will give you an F.
  • Do not simply copy and paste BiblicalWiki content into your book without reviewing and editing it to match your own focus and style, and then expect no negative side effects in the future.

Think about how other people will view your use of BiblicalWiki content. It would be better to cite or BiblicalWiki author(s) as the source(s) of a paragraph than to act as if it is your own paragraph, and then, perhaps, be viewed negatively later on.