Uzziah (King of Judah)


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(Also known as Azariah.)

A descendant of David through Solomon and the kingly line of Rehoboam. Uzziah's father was Amaziah, and his mother was Jecoliah. He became king at age sixteen, in the twenty-seventh year of Jeroboam's reign over Israel according to II Kings 15:1 and 2. God struck him with leprosy, and he was forced to live in a separate house while his son Jotham ruled in his place (II Kings 15:5). He had his son Jotham by (what we can assume was) his wife, Jerusha (II Kings 15:32 and 33).

Perceived Biblical Inconsistencies Involving Uzziah

Joram Called Uzziah's Father

Matthew calls Joram the father of Uzziah in Matthew 1:8. This is an example of the Hebrews' sometimes loose usage of the word Father. According to I Chronicles 3:10-12, Joram was the great-great-grandfather of Uzziah. II Kings and II Chronicles both agree on this point (for example, see II Kings 8:24, 12:1, 14:1, and 15:1). Matthew would certainly have known these facts, but rather than mention the three kings between Joram and Uzziah, he chose to skip over them in his genealogy.